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Can the projectors connect to devices wirelessly?

The Mini Projector range has a wide variety of wireless capabilities. The Elmo BOXi MP-350 is the only projector with built-in wireless capabilities, however the ACER and Qumi projectors have optional WiFi dongles that enable wireless connection with any device. For all other projectors with HDMI input, the EZ-Cast WiFi Dongle is available to enable a wireless connection. 

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Can I plug a memory device straight into the projectors or do they need to be connected to a computer?

Projectors can be divided into two general categories, smart or simple. While a smart projector has an on-board reader allowing memory devices such as USBs, SD cards and Micro SD cards to be plugged in directly, the simple projectors must be connected to an external device such as a laptop or iPad via HDMI or VGA. The Qumi range, the ACER K335, the PicoMaxx and the MicroMaxx can play directly through memory storage devices, however all other projectors must be connected to a computer or iPad. 

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Are all of the projectors compatible with Apple products?

Yes. All of the projectors can be used with Apple devices, either directly or with the use of the appropriate adaptor. For Mac laptops that use a Mini Display Port for video output, adaptors are available for VGA and HDMI connections. VGA and HDMI adaptors are also available for the full range of iPad and iPhone connection types. Check out our “Apple Stuff” or “Connectors and Cables” product pages for the full range of adaptors.

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Can the projectors run off battery power?

The HyperMaxx is the most powerful projector with a built-in battery, with the battery life lasting approximately 45 minutes at full power. The smaller projectors, (MicroMaxx, Pico Genie P50 and PicoMaxx) also have in-built batteries with a 2 hour life. We also stock an external laptop battery which powers most of our larger projectors for approximately 90-120 minutes, either directly via USB or with the use of an adaptor. 

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What are the differences between LED lights and incandescent bulbs?

Incandescent bulbs are generally less travel friendly and usually bigger and bulkier. They will usually generate more heat and will therefore potentially have a noisier fan, although this will differ from brand to brand and model to model. There will also be a bulb replacement cost at some point which will differ vastly across the range of available projectors.


LED light tends to be a whiter, brighter light and will generally appear to be brighter. In addition, the Contrast Ratio will tend to be higher on the better spec’d LED projectors although this is not always the case. The LED projectors also have a lamp life of 20, 000 hours, meaning you never have to worry about changing the bulb!

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What is the difference between LED and LCD projectors?

The LED projectors tend to have more features such as on-board media players and document viewers although this is not always the case as the technology is available across both LED and LCD platforms. LED projectors also tend to have a lower power draw than LCDs so the smaller ones, from about 600 Lumens down, will be able to operate from an on-board or external battery pack. The lower power draw also represents a green tick for the environment.

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