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Types of Projector Screens

on Tuesday, 09 September 2014. Posted in Blog

Depending on their use and purpose, projector screens can be of various types.

Mounted Projector Screens

Manual wall screens

Electric screens

Grey projector screens

Mobile screens

The Final Word

Depending on their use and purpose, projector screens can be of various types.

Mounted Projector Screens
Fixed or wall-mounted screens can be used in offices or at home. Typically, home theatres have fixed screens with a high screen gain. The surface of such screens can be slightly reflective and they can have very small holes in them allowing the air to flow freely from the speakers and subwoofer behind them.

Manual wall screens or pull-down screens can be used at offices or schools and colleges where allocating space to a permanent screen is not possible.

Electric screens are typically larger projector screens that are similar to pull-down screens but have electric controls for rolling them up or down.

Grey projector screens are also becoming popular because of the contrast that they offer. As compared to white screens, grey screens seem to project darker shades like black better. Though they don't change the quality of projection, to the human eye grey screens seem to project images with a better contrast.

Mobile screens can either be pull-down screens or they can be mounted on free stands. Such screens are useful as secondary screens in auditoriums or at outdoor events and parties. They can also be used at places where installation of a permanent screen is not possible. Portable projector screens are the most inexpensive of the lot and hence they can also be used at times when budget is a constraint. Couple these screens with a pocket projector or a portable projector and you can deliver a presentation at any place. Pocket projectors have a chargeable battery. This makes it easy to use carry the projectors to any place you want. Portable projector screens are also quite compact and can be easily carried with the portable projector to deliver a presentation indoors or outdoors.

The Final Word
The dimensions of a projector screen can be chosen as per a user's requirements. If you plan to go shopping for projector screens then make a mental note of your requirements. The ambiance in which the screen will be used should be studied to understand the size of the audience that will view the screen, the adjacent light sources that could interfere with the screen gain and the purpose of the projections. For added flexibility and/or a tight budget, one can buy portable projector screens that can be easily mounted and used at any venue.

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